Botanical Jungle Tiger Crest Logo For Sale

Beautiful camouflage tiger hiding in the lush jungle leaves and tropical flowers. Set in a night scene with midnight sky and starry backdrop. The two-tone design captures the day and night creating the impression of a yin yang imagery.  (lion, animal, mane, animal head, majestic, courage, mythology, leaf, eco, concept, design, foliage, natural, ecology, garden, florist, tropical, jungle, king, organic, foliage, plants, utopia, lioness, cat, Africa, feline, hunting, savannah, face, vines, vine, leaf, leaves, camouflage, colorful, modern, elegant, luxury, sophisticated, rainforest, beautiful, nature, plants, plant, leafy, tiger, panther, nightfall, moon, stars, flowers, tropical, jungle, rain forest, tiger, yin yang, leopard)

Created: 02/8/2022